'Driving Miss Norma': Cancer-Stricken Grandma Reaches Final Stop

First Posted: Oct 05, 2016 06:11 AM EDT

One year after being diagnosed with Stage 4 uterine cancer, Facebook sensation ‘Driving Miss Norma’ passed away on Setember 30 in Friday Harbor. Upon learning she had cancer, 91-year-old Norma Jean Bauerschmidt of Michigan refused to undergo treatments. She wanted to rid the road.

“I’m 90-years-old, I’m hitting the road.” According to MPR News, Bauerschmidt considered ‘living’ as the best medicine. Her daughter-in-law Ramie narrated the old woman’s story.

Upon discussing with the doctor with a first-day medical student around, they all decided to support Bauerschmidt for her decision. Prior to speaking with the doctor, the old woman made it clear that she did not want to undergo any treatment. She knew she was going to receive some bad news.

After careful thinking, Bauerschmidt’s family decided to take her on the road with them. During that time, she was feeling fine and her mind was sharp. She likewise loved to travel. Moreover, that was a short while after her husband Leo died and her family could not imagine leaving her in a nursing home without him. They had been together for 67 years.

The doctor agreed with their plan. He said there was no guarantee that Bauerschmidt would survive the initial surgery; hence he wished them a fantastic trip. According Ramie, it seemed that the medical student listening to them has learned something not taught in medical schools.

And so, ‘Miss Norma’ toured the United States with her son Tim and Ramie accompanying her. According to People, her other children supported her as well. For a whole year, she lived her greatest dreams. She went whale watching, enjoyed watching the view of the Grand Canyon, and took a hot air balloon ride.

On Friday, ‘Miss Norma’ reached her final stop. Tim said he is grateful to have the chance to the final moments of his mother’s life by her side.

The face behind ‘Driving Miss Norma’ was a World War II veteran. Uterine cancer did not stop her from enjoying her life; and instead, made her experience more fun in it.

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