How Is 'Life In The Bear Country'? Montana Hiker Faces Double Bear Attack

First Posted: Oct 04, 2016 05:41 AM EDT

"Life sucks in the bear country," said Todd Orr as he started to detail his unfavorable experience. The Montana hiker suffered a double bear attack, and took to Facebook even before he received treatment. He wanted to warn the people in the area and remind them to keep safe.

According to CNN, Orr was on an early morning hike in the Madison County, Montana; and scouting for an elk on Saturday. Upon stepping into an open meadow, a grizzly bear spotted him. Orr said he yelled numerous times so the bear would realize he was human. Such act was not effective, for the bear attacked him. This is despite him giving the animal a full charge of bear spray on her face.

The first attack lasted for several minutes, with each bite feeling like a sledgehammer with teeth. Thinking it was over, Orr tried to go to his truck that was three miles away. He was already bloodied and bruised. But after 10 minutes, the bear was behind him again and he faced another attack.

While Orr knew he would survive the first attack, he wasn't so sure about the second. Like in the first attack, the bear bit his arms and shoulder. But unfortunately, a bite during the second went down through his bone. Consequently, his hand went numb and his wrist and fingers became limp and unusable. He tried to lay still for fear of provoking a fatal blow from the animal. After standing on top of him for more or less 30 seconds, the bear left. Several minutes after, Orr took to Facebook and drove himself to the hospital. He was just thankful he was alive.

CBS News reported that there was no chance Orr has made this up. This was according Chief John Moore, head of the police department in Ennis. He met Orr at the hospital and said all the pictures and videos posted online are legit. The officer likewise felt impressed and called Orr a warrior after driving himself to the hospital and staying strong despite suffering a double bear attack.

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