Count Calories Of Your Food By Snapping Food Using 'Lose It’ App

First Posted: Oct 04, 2016 05:07 AM EDT

'Snap it' app, which is a beta feature of the Lose It app, was recently launched as company's calorie counting app that allows users to snap the photos of the meal that they are consuming. After receiving the photo, Snap It app runs an internal algorithm and pop up the approximate calories count for that respective meal. 

The purpose of Snap It app is to help its user track the calories that they are consuming with each and every meal. Snap It also simplifies the whole traditional process (which was time taking) by simply snapping the food. The users are just required to take the snap of the pictures that they are eating. Snap It will show the calorie count by the various combination and permutation of food database fed in its internal system. Reported TechTimes.

Since, the launch of Lose It beta version, user's might not find it up to the defined standards, also Snap It  app might show inaccurate results as well. 'Snap it' app is not fully automated now. According to a report by TechCrunch, the beta version of Snap It app is 87.3% to 97.1% accurate and with the users feeding in more images and description, the app should be more accurate.

Charles Teague, CEO, Lose It stated that the app's beta version is like Tesla's assistive technology which in future will bring Tesla vehicles in full swing.

Despite few inaccuracies, 'snap it' app is an instant hit in market and people are actually using it. Many users even claim that the app is rightly able to identify food using images from the pictures taken. It also correctly identifies multiple foods serve on the same plate.

Snap it app also has a feature in which the user can manually feed the name of the food through add food button. There is also a distinct feature in the app that add food by bar code scanning through a location service. This feature enables users to identify the restaurants nearby. If a user makes an entry in the app, Snap It will provide a list of foods available at that particular restaurant. Reported Mashable.

Although there were complaints of inaccuracy in the Snap It app, many users find it helpful in losing weight. So if you want to lose it just Snap it.

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