BMW To Roll Out Electric X3 And MINI Models: Will The New BMW EV Outrun Tesla Model 3? Release Date and Features Revealed! [VIDEO]

First Posted: Oct 04, 2016 06:17 AM EDT

BMW announced last week their plan to roll out the first electric-powered urban Mini and X3 models as a significant move in the expansion of the German Auto manufacturer's electric vehicle portfolio.

According to a report by Bloomberg, this is a great jump by BMW to make its electric cars more mainstream and counter the ambitious plans of its rivals, especially Tesla. The Company had stated earlier this Friday that it will soon roll out the all-electric versions of the X3 as well as MINI models as it strengthens its venture into the Electric Vehicle Market.

The Past And The Future:

Reuters had also reported earlier that BMW may skip the Paris Motor Show to lay out its new electric product push. The Auto-Manufacturer has launched a number of electric vehicles in the past as well. The company deployed the fleet of its 500 Mini E in 2009 and launched the i3 EV in 2013.

With the recent release of the BMW i8 and the latest plug in versions of the X5 and a 3-series, the company has left a huge impact on the EV Market. BMW has also released a number of plug-in hybrid models in the recent years which include the X5 xDrive40e as well as 740e models.

Despite the fact that BMW was the first German Auto-Manufacturer to step into the electric vehicles segment, the company is facing very tough competition from its rival companies. Fellow automakers such as Tesla have set out aggressive pathways for BMW to move up in the list of electric luxury vehicles. The BMW i3 and the plug-in hybrid i8, from which the Auto Company had great expectations, failed to gather sales.

Here's the Competition:

Tesla is set to launch its Model 3 EV in July next year. Along with already having received 400,000 orders for the much-awaited EV, the American auto-manufacturer is also currently striving to sell more than 80,000 electric vehicles in its line-up.Mercedes-Benz also revealed its EQ Electric Vehicles to take down its competitors at the Paris Motor Show this year.

According to Harald Krueger, BMW CEO, the new EVs will prove to be a tough competition both in terms of range and price. BMW is currently facing a lot of pressure from its rival automakers' new EVs. Just a reminder that Volkswagen revealed its own electric concept car at the Paris Motor Show, whereas Chevrolet, is also now set to roll out its Chevy Bolt EV at the end of this year. BMW's new electric vehicles are to go on sale in 2019.

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