Could Humans 'Make Love' In Space? Yes, But It Won’t Be As Passionate As Earth Sex

First Posted: Oct 03, 2016 04:34 AM EDT

When "The Martian" was released in theaters, producers conveniently left one person on Mars. The upcoming film, "The Space Between Us" also conveniently had the female astronaut already pregnant before they embarked on the journey to the Red Planet: that being said, even Hollywood is not sure how to depict sex in Space.

However, Elon Musk wants not only to send people up in space, but to have them actually live there, and well, he wants them to be "interplanetary species," which will mean that they have to sustain civilization - and live and die on Mars. This obviously includes the necessity of procreation - and yes, sex.

The Verge noted that as far as people know, nobody has had sex in space yet, although there have been astronauts who married each other - but intimate relations could be complicated. Space sickness is possible, and microgravity makes it hard to hold on to each other. There's also blood flow problems which could make it quite difficult for men to have erections. Never mind the issue of bodily fluids floating away in droplets. In short, the universe is conspiring humans to lose the ability to grab at each other in zero gravity.

If those reasons are not enough, even Buzzfeed made a list of reasons why sex in space is just plain gross. The logistics are pretty complicated, so if NASA physician Jim Logan is to be believed in his NBC interview, if anyone can have sex in space, the act will be less passionate and more of a choreography.

The problem does not stop there, either. Pregnancy in space is not a good idea simply because the radiation in outer space can be dangerous - and astronauts who are exposed to these radiation levels are likely to have babies with severe birth defects, which severely undermines the idea of a self-sustaining human civilization on Mars.

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