World Rabies Day: 124 Pet Dogs Vaccinated, Rabies Awareness Campaign Launched

First Posted: Sep 30, 2016 06:14 AM EDT

Good news for dog lovers: The Pet Animal Medical Center (PAMC) provided free anti-rabies vaccination for 124 pet dogs in Panchukla. This took place last Wednesday amidst the occasion of World Rabies Day. Alongside this, Hamilton launched a rabies awareness campaign.

According to The Times of India, apart from the vaccination, a team of doctors likewise educated pet owners about rabies, its side-effects, and how people can prevent the disease. Moreover, the doctors discussed ways to properly take care of dogs. They operated upon 80 dogs at the hospital, said PAMC authorities.

Meanwhile, CBC News reported about further awareness being promoted in Hamilton. It stressed that rabies is a fact and that people should be aware of it. The campaign launched on Wednesday was likewise aimed to coincide with the World Rabies Day.

In 2015, Hamilton experienced its first rabies outbreak wherein officials confirmed 168 cases of animal rabies. Apart from dogs, the outbreak included other animals like cats, fixes, and raccoons. There were no reports on human cases, but there were 1,500 possible human exposures.

Just like in Panchukla, Hamilton aimed to educate pet owners regarding rabies and pet and self protection. The campaign stressed the importance of washing the bitten or scratched body area with soap and water. It also recommended seeking medical attention to find out if there is a need for post-exposure vaccine. Additionally, the campaign emphasized the importance of reporting animal scratches and bites to public health.

Moreover, distance from wild and stray animals is a must. According to the information provided in the campaign, rabies has various effects on animals. For instance, they may look scared, sick, or even friendly. People should likewise avoid contact with live or dead animals, and feeding, relocating, or helping any wildlife. For pet owners, keeping their pets leashed and supervised is crucial. Lastly, the campaign also promoted the importance of vaccinating pets to protect them against rabies and to prevent spread to people.

The growing cases of rabies is alarming, and this speaks for the importance of vaccinating animals and participating in the anti-rabies campaign. Apparently, these actions will lead to more protection for animals and humans.

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