National Coffee Day: Disposable Coffee Cups Should Be Replaced By Reusables

First Posted: Sep 30, 2016 05:45 AM EDT

National Coffee Day is observed on September 29 of the year. Most people celebrate the day by enjoying their favorite cup of coffee. Meanwhile, an international coalition of NGOs is urging to replace billions of disposable coffee cups with reusable ones.

These bounteous disposable cups were a waste of resources and harm the forests. Groups such as WWF, Green Peace and Global Witness stated that billions of throwaway cups are used globally each year and these are wasteful and harms people, water, forests and the global climate. Together with the Environmental Paper Network (EPN), a group of 140 environment and social NGOs from 28 countries initiated the "cupifesto," aims to curb disposable cups, according to The Guardian.

The experts thought the campaign will work with coffee cups as the plastic bag charge has been successful in the UK. Kate Parminter, the Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson said it's a disgrace that 7m cups are thrown away every day and not recycled, and yet simply turn a blind eye. She further said that this is the reason why they introduced a 5p charge on disposable cups at their recent conference. This has caused an increase in the use of reusable cups and lessened the waste.

Baroness Jones of Moulsecoom said that the next challenge is to make disposable coffee cups recyclable. She further said that people think these cups are recyclable but they are not. She recommended a charge similar to the plastic bags could lessen the number of disposable cups that just waste.

Meanwhile, more with coffee talks, the National Calendar Day is calling to observe the National Coffee day on September 29. They recommend having a tasteful coffee with its four components namely, the flavor, aroma, body and acidity. Be sure that you'll have these elements and you will certainly have a good day. Happy National Coffee Day!

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