Stop Making Babies To Help Fight Climate Change

First Posted: Sep 27, 2016 05:19 AM EDT

Stop making babies! Current research shows that more human footprints can cause more trouble with climate change. More babies mean more carbon dioxide. Human growth has already outnumbered the human deaths.

One of the main roles of stopping the climate change is the decrease of baby production. Not that environmentalists hates babies it is just they have seen the effects of population growth and how it affects the earth.

Travis Rieder, a moral philosophy professor and bioethicists from John Hopkins University and author of the research, analyze this effects. He suggested that "Adding a baby to the world both makes climate change worse and, if we don't get our act together, it might actually not be all that great for the child either." 

In his study, he shared that the increase of 1.5-2°C warming over pre-industrial levels will bring danger. Hence, 4°C increase will be catastrophic. This rise will leave places on earth to be "largely uninhabitable" by humans.

In line with this, his survey also shows that in a report from World Bank in a temperature increase of 1.5-2°C will cause extreme weather events, severe water stress, and deadly heat waves. Together with it, food production will drop and outbreaks of unpredictable infectious disease will rise. As such, Climatologists warns if the climate change will not be solved, the world will warm up to 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, in a report by Express UK.

In the other hand, The World Health Organization estimates at least 250,000 people will die in 2030-2050 if the earth will reach the said level of warming.  Travis Rieder added that, "Perhaps many of us in rich countries (the 'us' who might be reading this) will be largely protected from these early harms; but that doesn't make them less real to the vulnerable citizens of, say, Kiribati, Bangladesh, or the Maldives," according to Daily Mail.

Travis Rieder also warned that "largely uninhabitable for humans. It's gonna be post-apocalyptic movie time." His works were profiled by Jennifer Ludden, entitled "Should we be having kids in the age of climate change?"

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