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Attention Gamers: Samsung Gear VR headset To Get Xbox Controller Support

First Posted: Sep 25, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Microsoft has recently decided to add the Xbox controller support to its Samsung Gear VR headset. Minecraft is reported to be the first game that will support the new Microsoft's gamepad: Gear VR Edition. The update is scheduled to come early this October.

Microsoft stated earlier in a news post that it will bring Xbox Wireless tech to not only PCs but also other gaming accessories including the Xbox Wireless Controller support for the Samsung Gear VR. The Redmond-based company that is currently developing its own headset based on Augmented Reality announced the news earlier on Xbox Wire.

A large number of companies have jumped in the virtual reality industry including VR console manufacturers and game publishers. Microsoft is the latest company who, despite the relative infancy of the industry, has put their money and faith in the new platform. It is quite possible that in the coming year, other Xbox exclusive titles including Dead Rising, Forza and Halo Wars franchise will be added in the VR roster of games.

What is Microsoft Upto?

According to a report by Engadget, Microsoft's initial plan included PC and some other gaming accessories. It was however, announced only recently that the new Xbox Wireless tech will also be compatible with Samsung Gear VR Headset. This clearly means that the Xbox Wireless Controller will now support the titles those were earlier within the Samsung Gear VR world. As mentioned before, the first gam compatible with the Xbox Wireless Controller support on Samsung Gear VR will be Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. According to a report on GameSpot, though the title is playable at present, it still needs an update-to be released in October- to be compatible with Xbox Wireless Controller.

How to Setup?


The procedure for Setting up the Xbox Controller with the Gear VR is relatively simple. Players just need to make sure that both their controllers have been updated. If that is done they can readily control the devices through their handhelds. Currently, the Samsung Gear VR can connect with some of the Samsung sets including Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

The Future:

The gamers will be given an option to play with any controller that is based with the Xbox Wireless Controller and the Samsung Gear VR. These currently include Spirit Champion, Herobound, Omega Agent and End Space. The list will continue to grow in the future as more and more game manufacturers become comfortable in the VR technology. One of the best things about the Samsung's Gear VR is that it will not require either a powerful PC or even to have a connection.

Other than having games from the supported list, the main requirements also include the latest firmware version 3.1.1220.0 and a Bluetooth-supported Xbox controller.

Samsung's VR headset still continues to be a great experience provider for virtual reality and doesn't even cost too much, all that you need is to own a supported Samsung device. Now that you can even use the best gaming controllers in the industry with it, the deal just became more awesome.

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