E-cigarettes Flavorings Make It More Toxic For Users, Second Hand Smokers

First Posted: Sep 24, 2016 02:49 AM EDT

A new study shows that flavorings found in e-cigarettes increase the toxicity of the vapor released as users inhale it. The laboratory study involved observation of the airway cells of e-cigarette users.

Additives are common ingredients to boost a product like flavoring for e-cigarettes. However, studies have pointed out the negative effects that it can cause to the body. Scientists have found that e-cigarette flavors boost the toxicity of the vapors released. Furthermore, they also found that users who increase the battery output storage of their device make it even more toxic as reported by Web MD.

They observed that toxins found in the vapor cause irritation and inflammation of the cells lining the airways, which may cause an aggravate breathing issues in some people said Assistant Professor Maciej Goniewicz of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY. The team is mainly concerned about the actual 'safety' of additives used in these products.

During their study, researchers exposed the airway cells to actual vapors produced from e-cigarettes. The evaluation included different flavors like pina colada, menthol, tobacco, strawberry, and coffee. They also tested the effect of the second factor [battery output voltages] on the vapor generated. The reason why users increase the voltage of their e-cigarette device is to inhale bigger amounts of nicotine.

But this does not mean that unflavored e-cigarettes are not toxic. They also found ingredients on the unflavored ones that are harmful to airway cells and the added flavor just makes it worse. To compare the flavors, menthol, coffee, and strawberry were found to be extremely harmful to the respiratory cells. Senior Scientific advisor Dr. Normal Edelman of the American Lung Association stated their concern on e-cigarette marketing that attracts teen users, which turn out to be more dangerous.

Increasing the power of voltage in e-cigarettes can cause degradation of certain ingredients that lead to the production of more toxic compounds. The US Food and Drug Administration recently extended authority to sales of e-cigarettes banning all minors from purchasing it. Manufacturers are required to submit their products for safety review within two years. Unfortunately, the recent actions of the FDA did not include banning the use of flavorings on e-cigarettes.

The study was published in the journal Tobacco Control.

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