Will Twitter's New Update Extend The Character Limit Of A Tweet?

First Posted: Sep 14, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Twitter is set to make some big changes to its user experience starting September 19, with the inclusion of a few features to expand tweeting capabilities.

Although it is unclear if Twitter will be removing the 140 character completely yet, a rumour back May had earlier speculated that Twitter might remove the character limit altogether, but currently, the popular micro-blogging site is looking to make tweets a lot more flexible.

Now, with the inclusion of GIFs, images, polls or videos, the tweet's length will no longer be shortened. Even quoted tweets will not eat into the tweet as users will now be able to fully utilize the 140 characters despite the content they share, according to a report by Fortune.

Another change with the update of the social network is that adding a username to the tweet will not take away from the characters in the tweet. This will provide users with more room for discussion and create more dialogue without much constraint. Although these changes are confirmed, it is not sure whether they will roll out all at once or whether they will be updated gradually. But it has been confirmed that September 19 will be the day when Twitter makes some big changes to its platform, in a report by The Verge.

Rumours of the increase in the character limit were announced back in September last year and Twitter had announced that this would be a possibility earlier this year in May. Now these claims finally seem to be materializing. Although these new features will technically, enhance the length of a tweet, they will not necessarily allow users to add even more characters than the prescribed limit as was earlier rumoured, according to Engadget.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey does not have any plans on extending the length of a tweet as he says that is what makes Twitter unique, that creativity is practiced within those 140 characters in order to convey a message and it is a feature Twitter is never going to change.

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