Hello Kitty Takes a Trip to Outer Space, Thanks to Seventh Grader (Video)

First Posted: Feb 04, 2013 11:46 AM EST

Hello Kitty got a trip of a lifetime thanks to seventh grader Lauren Rojas. The 13-year-old California girl decided to send her Hello Kitty doll and a few GoPro Hero 2 cameras into the lowest reaches of outer space.

The project wasn't all fun and games, though. Rojas wanted to study the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature for a school assignment. She found a weather balloon and other essentials at High Altitude Science. Then, she used a miniature silver rocket where she placed her Hello Kitty doll and then strategically positioned GoPro's cameras, known for their rugged bodies and exceptional shooting quality, around the construction to video the entire event. She also included other tools pertinent to measuring air pressure, temperature and altitude such as an altimeter and thermometer.

Rojas inflated the balloon attached to the construction and then released it into the air. The entire creation flew 93,625 feet into the air and withstood temperatures as cold as -38 degrees Fahrenheit before the weather balloon expanded so much that it popped. The reduced air pressure had caused the balloon to expand to more than 53 times its original size. Hello Kitty then parachuted down before being snagged in a tree almost 50 miles away from where it took off.

It took Rojas and her father nearly two weeks to build Hello Kitty's spaceship and assemble the High Altitude Science components, but the results are apparently worth it. Rojas walked away with an exceptionally well-made video that chronicles Hello Kitty's flight into space, along with some stunning images.

Want to see Hello Kitty in space? Check out the video below, originally appearing on High Altitude Science's website.

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