Vikings Sword Discovered By Hunters In Iceland [VIDEO]

First Posted: Sep 08, 2016 06:33 AM EDT

Hunters in Iceland discovered an important archaeological item last weekend which is believed to be a sword from the tenth century. A group of hunters found the Vikings sword literally lying on a pagan grave. According to Runar Stanley Sighvatsson, "It was just lying there, waiting to be picked up." He added, "It was obvious and just lying there on the ground."

The Cultural Heritage Centre of Iceland released a statement saying that the sword is "rare and important." Archaeologists are curious of what else they could find below the ground since the sword was literally lying on the stone above ground so they scheduled an archaeological excavation in the area of the ancient Viking grave in Hrifunes, South Iceland as reported by Iceland Monitor.

After careful examination of the Vikings sword, experts believe that it came from around 900-1000 AD, and the last Viking sword discovered was a ten years ago. Further accurate examination of the Viking sword has been scheduled by the institution to identify its true age and origin.

The video was taken by videographer Hallur Mar Hallsson when the sword was presented to the Cultural Heritage Centre. The journal Archaeology discussed another Viking Sword located in the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo. It was made of iron, silver, gold, copper alloy and silver thread. The sword was discovered in Norway with 3.08 feet dimensions.

The sword was also found on a grave excavated in the Langeid cemetery. Archaeologists dug into the coffin to find two silver coins. They also found four postholes on the grave's corners. This signifies that the grave was once roofed that was only offered to someone with a high status. Archaeologists became thrilled when the dirt inside the coffin fell on the sides where they found a three-foot-long Viking sword and a large battle-ax. They believe the Viking may be a popular one from historical books and writings.

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