Why People Should Sleep NAKED?

First Posted: Sep 06, 2016 04:25 AM EDT

Scientists prove in a new study why people should burn their pajamas and oversized tees to sleep NAKED instead. Yes, nudity is healthy for the brain and body. Here is why:

DNews created a video summary to show the benefits of naturally sleeping naked, which was also reported in IFL Science. The explanation to this shocking study is that people tend to sleep better when the body temperature is lower. Therefore, the less clothing we wear, the less heat there is. Researchers found that a very slight increase in body temperature can already activate certain areas of the brain responsible for regulating sleep cycles, causing a more disturbed sleep. The study showed a temperature decrease of as tiny as 0.4 oC can already cause sleep disturbance.

Aside from a more relaxed brain and sleep, lowered body temperature in men can also increase production of sperm. The reason for this is that production of good sperm occur just little below the normal body temperature. While sleeping naked in women promotes cooler and airy feel in their private areas. This also prevents growth of unwanted bacteria in warm and moist areas of the body, which may cause body odor and yeast infection as reported in Life Hacker.

But the best benefit is achieved when sleeping naked with a partner because it promotes release of biochemical compounds in the body. Skin-to-skin contact is already well-proven to increase the production and release of the so-called "love hormone", oxytocin that makes the mood better, increases immune system, and gives relaxation through emotional intimacy for stronger bond with your partner.

This study shows that sleeping naked is the body's natural way of relaxing the mind and the body providing mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and chemical benefits that no pajama or sleeping outfit could ever provide. So burn that pajama and feel free to sleep naked in the comfort of your own body.

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