We Might Be Getting Closer To "Immortality" Through Medical Nanotechnology

First Posted: Sep 05, 2016 04:31 AM EDT

The future of medicine is nanotechnology, and it will drastically extend our life spans, as claimed by Peter Diamandis, founder and chairman of XPRIZE and Singularity University. Both organizations fully believe in human ingenuity and are dedicated to inspire innovation in solving humanity's curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

In an iTechpost news report, the profound chairman expounded in a Q&A at Singularity University's Global Summit the role of nanotechnology in equipping medical breakthroughs in disease research, tissue regeneration and cognitive science that will bring life to almost "immortality".

"We're going to look at your genome and all of your body's systems and identify what's likely to kill you and find it before it does. So stopping you from dying is the first bit," Diamandis adressed during the SU Global Summit to participants of the event.

Nanotechnology is bringing about manipulation at the molecular level. This ability to operate in a nanoscale could bring very high precision and success. Currently, several research already involved nanotechnology in putting medical science forward. There were studies, as mentioned in UnderstandingNano, that improved techniques and treatment for cancer and heart diseases. Molecular technics in genetic engineering are also employing nanotechniques.

The development in nanotechlogy gave way to a variety of medical applications ranging from nanovesicles for biomedical applications and medicine delivery; nanofibers as replace for tissue; nanorobots for precision medicine and nanotech aided tissue regeneration.

Diamandis claimed that we are gearing towards a future possible of "interface mind-machine, wherein a human brain's consciousness could be uploaded to computer and then transferred to a new body--probably one cultured in the lab. He estimates that it will just take 20-30 years to be realized.

The reality of extended life longevity to almost immortality is actually not too hard to believe these days. After all science and technology never failed to amuse us to make the once impossible possible.

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