Tropical Atlantic At Its Hottest Temperature This Summer

First Posted: Aug 25, 2016 04:12 AM EDT

The tropical activity in the Atlantic is at its hottest peak starting from mid-August to mid-October. Over the past 10 days, there were already two storms that developed. The first storm was named Fiona that moved peacefully across the central Atlantic and dissipated earlier this week.

On Monday, the seventh tropical depression of the summer formed off the west coast of Africa which rapidly became a tropical storm named as Gaston. Experts expect Gaston to remain as a hurricane for a couple of days but will not harm anyone as it moves on the open waters of the Atlantic just east of Bermuda.

Officials report that neither of these storms is to be worried about for the United States but there is another strong tropical wave, Invest 99-L as per report of Naples News, entering the Eastern Caribbean that people should be wary of. The National Hurricane Center believes that this tropical wave has 80 percent chance of turning into a tropical storm later this week and will move across central and eastern Bahamas.

Luckily, a very advanced computer model is now being used by the facility to track and provide solutions to these potential threats. Also, their most reliable models expect another hurricane to hit the Gulf of Mexico and a storm to hit the Southeastern United States. And some tropical waves seemed to remain as is.

With any expected development or not, officials remind people that the storm will bring gusty winds and heavy downpours to many areas in the Caribbean, from Puerto Rico and Hispaniola till it reaches the Bahamas. They expect the rain to reach Florida by Sunday.

It may be too early to forecast anything specific, by anyone interested in visiting the Gulf of Mexico and the Southeast coast of the United States should take note of these warnings. The CNN is continuously updating their report about this tropical waves and storms to inform Americans and tourists.

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