Outreach ‘Aftermath': Pixel Spill Announces Launch Of The New Cosmonaut Conspiracy Game

First Posted: Aug 23, 2016 05:21 AM EDT

Pixel Spill released a live action trailer on Youtube for their new conspiracy thriller game, Outreach-'Aftermath'. The Game to be released in 2017 is set near the fall of the Cold War (1980s). Outreach challenges players to use their coordination and reflexes to explore a realistic zero-gravity world and to uncover the mystery of the disappearance of the previous crew, reports The game, inspired by the conspiracy theories of the Cold War, also features the voice talent of Adam Harrington and Matthew Post.

What's the Game about?

The storyline is build on a few conspiracy theories about "lost" space missions that were never disclosed by the USSR. Presented from a first-person perspective, you play as a lone cosmonaut who's been sent into space to investigate an abandoned military station.

According to Pixel Spill's website, "Your mission is to investigate a communication blackout aboard a covert military space station. Upon your arrival, you discover that the station is in disrepair and that the crew having seemingly disappeared." In Outreach, you have to quietly float inside and outside the space station, looking for objects and conducting repairs set out by ground control. You're always one small break or technical fault away from death.

Gameplay: What's New?

According to Gamer Assault Weekly, an intriguing feature of Outreach is that the gameplay isall done in zero gravity. Moving around the space station is done by using things around you. There are challenging landings that may require exact timing, handrails, or a grappling hook. Pixel Spill's artists have looked at the suits and spacecraft designs of the 1980s, and replicated them with just a dash of creative license. Unlike most space games, which feature futuristic technology, Pixel Spill wants everything to feel real and rudimentary. 

The time period and its technological shortcomings are exposed during space walks. Storage panels creak and transmitters frequently fall offline. If you jump in a peculiar direction or lose your grip, you'll die instantly. There are no chords or thrusters to save you. Great attention has been paid to the items and style of the space station. Pixel Spill did quite a bit of research on the items of that time, and has expanded on them, but still stayed true to the time period. The game is said to be launched in 2017.

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