Ontario Launches ‘Spend More Time In Nature’ Challenge For A Healthier Life

First Posted: Jul 26, 2016 03:50 AM EDT

Ontario, Canada's government and Ontario Parks have launched an initiative that challenges people to spend more time outdoors amidst nature and inculcate healthy habits. The Ontario Parks 30x30 Nature Challenge reportedly takes inspiration from David Suzuki Foundation's 30x30 Challenge, and requires participants to spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day in nature for 30 days. The challenge for this year will begin in August.

The challenge encourages people to spend more time in natural settings to promote mental and physical well being by strengthening the immune system and reducing stress. Encouraging people to spend time in nature also aims at lowering blood pressure as well as countering the threat of certain cancer types. The challenge is especially relevant in today's world, where people are mostly spending more time surrounded by technology, away from nature.

As per reports, the good part about the 30x30 Nature Challenge is that people don't need to plan a lot for it or devote long hours. There are many provincial parks spread across the city, therefore one doesn't have to go specifically looking for a good spot in nature. Spending time in the backyard or the garden will also be interpreted as being amidst in nature, as far as the challenge is concerned. One can also spend time in local beaches and trails.

Those looking for easy and convenient access to good natural spots in the area can try out the Ontario Parks locator tool to locate an accessible place nearby. In addition, one can also participate in paddling, biking, hiking and other outdoor sports activities to make the most of the challenge. Ontario has many lovely natural spots and boasts of more than 330 provincial parks that are idea for partaking in healthy activities with the entire family. According to a report, "Ontario Parks supports the link between a healthy environment and healthy society through Healthy Parks, Healthy People and the 30x30 Challenge".

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