Stunning Celestial Light Shows In Late July, Stargazers Rejoice!

First Posted: Jul 25, 2016 06:01 AM EDT

Delta Aquarids meteor shower will reach its peak on July 28 and 29 and will then overlap a few days later with the Perseids display in Early August. Skywatchers in the southern hemisphere will be the ones to get the best view, but there is no need to cry: at the northern hemisphere, stargazers can still see up to 20 shooting stars per hour, especially considering that the peak of the Delta Aquarids will coincide with a waning crescent moon and dark skies.

Science Recorder noted that up to ten percent of the Aquarids are known to leave persistent meteor trains - ionized gas trails that can linger for a couple of seconds after the meteor disappears. These "shooting stars" originate from the Aquarius constellation (thus its name) and its radiant point can closely align with the star Skat.

How do you catch this amazing meteor shower? Well, as long as you're far away from the city lights, you should be fine. According to CS Monitor, the showers will be visible everywhere with clear skies - except brightly light cities, where light pollution could interfere.

The Perseid metoer shower, on the other hand, will radiate from the Perseus constellation, and will peak in the early morning hours of August 11 to 13, and could yield as many as 50 meteors per hour. However, you can also opt to watch the meteors during the first week of August, when it overlaps with the Delta Aquarids.

The best way to see these showers are during the wee hours of the morning - around 2 or 3 AM - so get a lawn chair, spread a blanket on the grass away from artificial lighting, and gives your eyes time to adjust to the darkness - the waning crescent moon will make these showers unusually vibrant in the night sky.

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