Smart Jump Rope Tracks Exercise Jump Count, Calories Burned Through LED Digital Display

First Posted: Jul 19, 2016 06:46 AM EDT

The smart jump rope with LEDs will be out this week at Apple Stores after being the top-selling jump rope on Amazon. The rope's LEDs produce a digital display which is responsible for the jump count, tracking calories burned. It also has a leaderboard system that compares jump stats with others.

Smart jump rope's built-in LEDs are shaped into a rope that lights thousand times a minute. It gives suggestions on workout based on each person's fitness goals and it includes tools for unlocking awards. It is only available in white color and  comes in four sizes (S, M, L, and XL). 

The smart jump rope can also be bought in colors Gold, Black, and Chrome from both the Tangram website. It will also be available from Best Buy, mac rumors reported.

A lot of reactions were made in Reddit. For instance, a user said "If leaderboards teach us anything, it is that if someone keeps track, lots of people will cheat at it." Another user also reacted by saying that another $10 jump rope mentioned in the article looks better than the smart jump rope. It is adjustable and has a skull and crossbones on it.

However, one user commented, "This looks really cool actually. The price point is a huge turnoff, but it does not seem unreasonable given what it can do. Its selling point is basically just that it is cool."

Another Reddit user by the name rob3110 said that considering the many aspects of fitness or health tracking, especially calorie counters, people will be motivated because this will become their personal trainer. Its purpose is more on a subconscious motivational aid because users have clear and scientific numbers. These figures will be used to track goals, which were set even before the routine was starte. There are even phone apps that will tell them to do more.

Smart jump rope costs $90; 800 percent more expensive that all other jump ropes anywhere in the world.  It has magnetic sensors that send information to the Smart Gym Pro app. The app is also available with  iPhone and Apple Watch.

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