South Korea Dog Cloning: SBRS Foundation Promises Accurate, Perfect Pet Replacement For $100,000

First Posted: Jul 14, 2016 05:18 AM EDT

Dog cloning is now possible in South Korea. Sooam Biotech Research Foundation can now revive a dead dog for $100,000.

Sooam Biotech Research Foundation is an international acclaimed pet cloning facility. The company has run a progressing commercial business over the recent 10 years through catering to owners of dogs, who wish to have their pets forever.

The dog cloning facility has a client list that includes celebrities, princes and billionaires. They offer dog owners protection against grief and loss and grief through a cloning service that can accurately bring forth a perfect pet replacement, Phys.Org reported.

Sooam Biotech Research Foundation researcher and spokesman Wang Jae-Woong said that people have a very strong bond with their pets. Cloning pets, on the other hand, can provide a psychological alternative to the traditional method of just letting them go and keeping their memory.

The dog cloning laboratory uses the same technique that was used to clone Dolly the sheep in 1996. The process requires a dead dog's body to be put in the fridge and submitted to the facility. In five days, a mature cell from the dog can be successfully harvested.

Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, the dog cloning clinic, will copy the DNA and fused it with a donor egg that has been stripped off its original genetic material. The embryo is then implanted in a surrogate mother dog. Two months later, the cloned dog will be born as a new puppy, CTV News reported.

The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation's moral and ethical foundations are put into question not just because of the controversy in cloning pets, but because of the founder Hwang Woo-Suk's past. In 2004 and 2005, a claim was published stating he has successfully derived stem cell lines from cloned human embryos which was proven to be a hoax.

The scandal revealed numerous ethical violations. In 2009, he served a two-year suspended prison sentence for embezzlement and bioethics violations. Hwang said that the only way to win the public's trust is by making a more genuine scientific breakthrough.

The dog cloning facility's creation of five clones of Trakr, the rescue dog that was found as the last survivor of the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy, is its most publicized project. It also collaborated with other cloning facilities such as BioArts International.

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