New Eye-Controlled Glasses To Hit Stores May Give Google A Run For Its Money

First Posted: Jul 12, 2016 05:29 AM EDT

You've seen Ironman wave his hands in the air and speak to Jarvis to control his computer and do his calculations. Now, new technology Eyefluence could put Tony Stark to shame by making your eyes become the next level technology that controls your computer.

The team behind the ingenious technology is currently testing it out on augmented reality glasses using cameras that can track your eye movements, letting you click an icon with a glance.

With these glasses users can now use their glasses for browsing, shopping and even texting-or what the team likes to call, eye-messages.

Jim Margraff, founder and CEO says that their technology "moves as fast as you can think." Unlike other eye technologies already in the market, users can operate Eyefluence without winking or waiting.

What is important in this technology is the connection between the eyes and the brain.

The technology may be available sooner than you think as the Eyefluence is now working with huge companies who will integrate the biomechanics technology with their products.

Which companies? The biggest hint that company can give is that they are working with "manufacturers of head-mounted display devices. So can we soon use our VR headsets without touching them? Probably.

The question is whether or not the technology will survive in the face of competition from big name companies like Google who failed to successfully launch their Google Glass or other smart glass companies like Vuzix and Tobil who are also working with hands-free navigation using different technologies.

Margraff is confident that his company can do well. With over $21 million in funding from Intel Capital, Motorola Solutions and others, we could see these glasses in the market sometime in the near future. And with the eyewear's potential to be used both at work and for leisure, the company sees its glasses being used in the office, and even operating rooms, to the average Joe commuting on trains.

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