Stephen Hawking Receives Death Threats From Woman With Mad Crush On Him

First Posted: Jul 06, 2016 08:46 AM EDT

Genius physicist Stephen Hawking is said to be receiving death threats. The said threat maker is reportedly a 37-year-old woman obsessed with the 74-year old astrophysicist. 

According to The Sun, Jenny Contonio has a mad crush on Hawking and plans to seduce him with her "sexy ass." Allegedly, she had an elaborate plan of stalking the physics genius at the recently held Tenerife Science festival. The woman is said to have possessed a detailed itinerary of the genius on the said event. 

Once there, she told officers of her plans of seduction. It was also discovered that she sent the unsuspecting scientist several death threats. 

The woman, who got a suspended four-month jail sentence, bravely told the arresting officers that she is truly in love with the victim. She said she is lonely. 

Officials also allegedly found that the woman was also stalking Hawking when he visited Sweden in 2015. "I figured after a whole year he should be willing to see me rather than get his needs fulfilled elsewhere . . . either that or we're over. I decided to get ready and give him one last chance and wear my sky blue Monroe halter dress looking all sexy ass standing in front of a perfume stall," Contonio reportedly said. 

Hawking's daughter corroborated the story that someone was sending death threats to her father. Spanish News Today reported that death threats were sent through the social media and email. 

One of the threats read, "I'm next to you and can kill you." 

On Friday, a court banned Contonio from being within 500 metres of Prof Hawking. After she was released, she wrote on a blog called Spacebunny, claiming the accusations were false. "Even though I was obsessive with emails I did not say those things like 'I'm gonna get you'. "I'm just a scapegoat," she wrote.

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