SpaceX Reveals First Relaunch Rocket Cost To Happen In September

First Posted: Jun 09, 2016 06:23 AM EDT

SpaceX is planning to have its first rocket relaunch by either September or October, as confirmed by the company's founder and CEO Elon Musk. The estimated costs for the every use and partially reusable to even more reusable SpaceX rockets include $750 lb. for each use of Falcon Heavy launch and $1,233 lb. for each use of Falcon 9 rocket launch. The figures were based on the updated costs posted on the SpaceX website.

Aside from this, SpaceX is also planning to cut on the cost of the Falcon 9 rocket launch by 30 percent when used for the reused first stage booster. Based on reports, the first stage reusable Falcon 9 launch would cost around $860 lb while the first stage reusable Falcon Heavy Launch would be worth $525 lb. On the other hand, fuel would only be 0.3 percent of the overall cost of a rocket, including construction materials worth not more than 2 percent of the total value, which for Falcon 9 is worth $60 million, CNBC reported.

As explained by the SpaceX CEO,  the first stage of the rocket will be responsible for the three-quarters of its overall cost, which means a vehicle with reusable first stage could be developed at a lesser cost, that is, if the hardware is completely and rapidly reusable. Musk also stated that the reusable rocket stage would be capable of launching about 80 percent of the one use rocket's cargo. Also, the weight of fuel is required to fly the stage back and the added weight of landing legs as well as other modifications for reuse must be carried.

Moreover, the reusable first stage falcon heavy that has about 20 reuses, could drop up to $250 lb, or a third of the one use price. At the same time, the reusable Falcon 9 rocket launch, which is about 15 times, would cost all stages reusable of $120 lb, which means all the three stages of a falcon heavy must cut down to about ten times cheaper, Daily Mail reported.

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