Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Wants To Build Industries In Space To Protect The Earth

First Posted: Jun 07, 2016 06:08 AM EDT

The Amazon founder and Blue Origin CEO, Jeff Bezos, wants to save the Earth by building industries in space. He said that Earth will be zoned residential and light industrial. He added that you shouldn't be doing heavy energy on Earth rather he said they can build massive chip factories in space.

The billionaire also announced that Blue Origin, which is his own spaceflight company and a rocket manufacturing, will put $200 million into a new rocket assembly facility and launch site in Cape Canaveral in Florida. Mr. Bezos explained that their ultimate vision is millions of people living and working in space, according to the Next Big Future.

The seventh-richest man stated that Earth is the best planet to live in. He said that energy is limited here and in at least a few hundred years... all the heavy industry will be moved off-planet.

M. Bezos continued explaining that once a project is finished all that would need to happen would be to send the finished product back to earth. He also noted that while Earth has the capability of using sunlight for half the day, space can utilize solar power every hour, each day.

So, where would he perceive the industries to be established in space? Mr. Bezos said that he will have it closer to Earth. He further said that that the problem with other planets (is) the transit time between Earth and Mars is long, and to speed it up requires unreasonable amounts of energy., according to Digital Trends.

He actually desires to have the heavy industries act as orbiting objects. He explained that establishing them on the other planets is likely to appear down the road. He also emphasized that transferring goods and products between Mars and Earth just isn't feasible. Meanwhile, the Space X boss, Elon Musk wants humans in space possibly on Mars by 2025.

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