Number Of Honeybees Declining And Bug Spray Is A Culprit, Study Says

First Posted: Jun 02, 2016 05:50 AM EDT

A recent study warns regular household to be mindful of the use of the regular use of bug spray. This could be putting the honeybees at a big risk.

The study also sheds light on the fact that aside from bees, other insects that play a significant role in the ecosystem may likewise be at risk.

In an interview with the Christian Science Monitor, the co-author of the study and a current professor at the Ohio State University Elizabeth Long reminded people to become extra mindful on the use of pesticide for specific pest-related problem. She added that people need to think it through whether using bug spray particularly necessary.

The study was executed as part of a further research on the rationale behind the significant decline of pollinators in the past ten years. The recent study backs the hypothesis that one of the potential causes is the use of pesticides in agricultural crops.

Two professors from the Purdue University namely Dr. Long and Dr.Christian Krupke analyzed a set of pollen data obtained within a span of 16 weeks. The objective of the analysis is to find out the different pollutant sources present in the pollen that honeybees had collected. The result of the analysis pointed out pollen obtained from crops only represents a small fraction of the entire diversity of resources.

Ina a press released by the Purdue University, Dr. Krupke stressed out the sudden decline of honeybee population is not only due to agricultural chemicals. According to the research, urban landscapes nd homeowners are likewise part to be blamed as they are considered big contributors to the cause.

The study conducted by the professionals led to the conclusion that bees are also massively exposed to the same amount of pesticides even when in non-pesticide use locations. The study further calls for the prudent use of pesticides to alleviate the risk factors of contributing to the continuous decline in the number of bees. 

The administration of Barack Obama already announced its plan to protect honeybees and other pollinators through a national strategy. 

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