Naturalist Chris Packham Is Encouraging Children To Eat Tadpoles To Connect With Nature

First Posted: May 31, 2016 07:11 AM EDT

Chris Packham, the television presenter and naturalist, is encouraging the young people especially the children to eat tadpoles to bring them closer to nature. He said that he gulped tadpoles when he was a child. He described them as "sort of gritty."

Packham also said that they are difficult to bite because they slip around the tongue. He added that he cannot remember the sensation of having them under his tongue, wriggling.

So, what's the taste of the tadpole? Packham said that the reason they are slightly delicious is because they are quite difficult to taste and they don't have a pronounced taste. He further said that they don't taste like chicken, even though you want them to a taste of chicken like everything else is supposed to taste of, according to Daily Mail.

He is encouraging the young people to do the same--eating tadpoles. This is because he thought that the young people are struggling to connect with nature due to they are not allowed the freedom to explore and to meet things first hand. He said that smelling and eating the tadpoles was all part of mounting a deep-rooted affinity which will last a lifetime.

Packham is also a campaigner for animal rights, according to Telegraph, Packham is urging for the makeover in the way they keep animals particularly the rabbits that are kept in cages. He thought that people don't revise the ideas quick enough, based on the science of how animals live. He advised that if you're not going to eat your rabbit, then give the rabbit a quality life and not cram it into a hutch where it's forced to defecate on a huge pile of its own defecated defecate.

He further said that a cage is not an ideal place for rabbits because they need an open space to run around. They are highly social animals and they don't really like being kept on their own.

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