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Transhumanists Propose Dystopian Future: Redesign Imperfect Human Product

First Posted: May 31, 2016 04:43 AM EDT

A dystopian future, a society with humans that are redesigned beyond their biology, is an idea being proposed by transhumanism.  People have been challenging the limitations of the human condition, but with the improvements and developments of modern technology and science, what seems like an absolute limit is able to overcome.

According to its proponents, the advances in robotics, genetics, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanothechnology and neuropsychology are giving more chances of radical breakthroughs that will allow the humans to redesign the imperfect human product that has been passed on by evolution, Washington Post reported.

However, a dystopian future is also being thought of, particularly its impact, in well-known fictional portrayal like Marvel's superhero T.V. series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as the acclaimed science fiction series Orphan Black, with "transhumanist" being used as another term for mad scientist. The idea of humans taking changing the evolution is strongly related to those who appear to be the antagonist.

The libertarian element that is so notable among transhumanists makes them think that there is a responsibility that must be exercised by individuals who make choices on how to change children or themselves. Based on popular culture perception, the transhumanists promises are being made by imperfect human beings to imperfect human beings. Because of this, the consequences of their decisions will potentially have a wider reach compared to what they expect.  This means that the significant powers that the transhumanists promises can be possibly used in ways that is going to sustain them more terribly, according to Washington Post.

In a deeper sense, the bad ending is the similar future that  transhumanists desire. If only the humans are equally defective as what transhumanists make out, the rational future is definitely the future to be wished for, with the hope of seeing the humans replaced by something much better, as roboticist Hans Moravec expected alien to humanity.

Dystopian future and the fears revealed by the pop culture meets in such a way that would make everyone think.

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