Dropbox To Offer More Space—But There’s A Catch

First Posted: May 30, 2016 09:30 AM EDT

Have you ever wished your Dropbox account could save more files?

Dropbox has given in, but there is a catch. Its Project Infinite, a new feature yet to be formally introduced that promises users to store more files and in their accounts. Thus, those users with limited hard-disk can save the pertinent files they need. The feature means there is to open a browser and there is no need to worry about the limited storage of your computer. 

Users were initially jubilant about it. However, experts have warned that this could mean exposing the users' computers to danger. Motherboard reported that there is a possibility that the new feature would touch the sensitive kernel space.

As there have been criticisms on the new feature even before it is launched, Dropbox is now trying to check other options on how to go about the project.

In a statement, head of product for Dropbox's pro, business and enterprise service tiers, Rob Baesman said: "We could not do what Infinite sets out to do without using the kernel...It would be technologically impossible"

Asked if there is a possibility for users to refuse using the new feature, he did not give a direct answer, according to Venture Beat.

In a most recent statement of the company, it said they are careful in the new feature and that they "approach the kernel with extreme caution and respect" giving an impression that are still studying the technological impact of the project.

The statement in their blog added: "We understand the concerns around this type of implementation, and our solutions takes into consideration the security and stability of our users' experience, while providing what we believe will be a really useful feature."

Dropbox is trying to be at part with other players in the market such as Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. 

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