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Steam Games Run On PS4 Via Jailbreak, Arch Linux, Game Streaming From PC To TV Offers at $50

First Posted: May 23, 2016 06:27 AM EDT

Steam games may still need some improvements, but it gives hope for those who play PC games on a Sony console. As the home game devices become increasingly more advanced,  they have more similarities to a PC platform compared to the old consoles. Among the close resemblance includes the play and capture all types of media and function as more like an entertainment device rather than just a game console.

When Sony shifted to x86 processors with its PS4, players have been dreaming of the opportunity to play those PC games on the company's console. According to gamers, this is due to the fact that it is a lot closer to their home computers compared to the PS3. Based on reports, this dream is about to become real.

Steam games have been demonstrated recently by OsirisX on PS4 through the combination of a jailbreak, a few software libraries through FailOverflow and Arch Linux. The demo presented the action-RPG entitled "Bastion" that runs at a decent pace, and according to OsirisX, the majority of the other game titles are also running smoothly on a medium to low graphic setting.  

However, an issue was detected on the alignment of the stars in order to get everything running, much like in several games with the same mods. Based on reports, the players will need a PS4 with a comparatively old version of a Sony operating system, which is 1.76, to jailbreak and install the Linux. In addition, there is also no easy package that will have everything that a player needs, as such will be needing more physical work.

Steam games may later become less significant to run on the similar system used for games like "Uncharted" though, considering the rumors regarding a possible jailbreak for new software, 3.50, according to engadget.

Meanwhile, Steam recently released a device called Steam Link, which is a small box  that sits on the TV stand that allows game streaming from the PC to the TV for $50, Uproxx reported.

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