Scientists Hold Secret Talks On Synthetic Human Genome Creation

First Posted: May 18, 2016 08:32 AM EDT

Synthetic human genomes are expected to be created as scientists reportedly had a secret meeting on May 10 at the Harvard University. The meeting was closed from media and invited guests like the experts, businessmen and lawyers were told to keep mum about the details.

Creation of the synthetic human genome is being looked at by scientists with the use of chemicals to produce the DNA that can be found in the human chromosomes.  Although the secret meeting has caused some to worry, the scientists are reported to be more alarmed by the possibility of such plan to push through. With the possible rise of the synthetic human genome, experts could have a chance to clone and use the genomes to produce humans without the need for biological parents.

Producing the synthetic human genome is not the same as editing the genes since the former would involve the use of chemicals to produce the whole DNA, rather than modifying the genes, which is the very nature of the latter.  In addition, the synthetic genomics will rely on the customized base pair genes that can open an opportunity of endless possibilities because by then, the experts would no longer be limited to only two base pairs that are found in nature.

With the help of the synthetic genomics, the geneticists can alter the  DNA in cells by  using foreign genes or by changing letters in the current genes. This method is usually done in manufacturing medicines like insulin for diabetes care as well as for producing genetically modified crops.

Synthesizing a gene or the whole genome sequence could mean that experts may also consider doing a broader scope of the modifications in the DNA, Science reported.

The synthetic human genome is a challenge to ethics, as it will allow the scientists to produce alterations in the human embryos, hence raising doubts if it can survive the public scrutiny and other different concerned groups, according to Futurism.

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