Australia To Kill About 2,000 Kangaroos, Know Why

First Posted: May 16, 2016 08:54 AM EDT

Australia will reportedly kill over 1,900 of its kangaroos, a process that started from May 16. The country is known for its great kangaroo population; however the rising numbers of these marsupials are causing a devastating impact on the local environment.

The ACT Kangaroo Management Plan's annual measure was announced to control population explosion of the largest species of the Macropodidae family in the country. Nearly 1,991 kangaroos will be killed across the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) from May 16 to August 1 to protect the biodiversity of the woodland and grass areas. A report states that 10 reserves across the territory will be closed during the duration to facilitate the culling. According to ACT government's Parks and Conservation Director, the killing is necessary to control the alarming numbers of eastern grey kangaroos in the ACT.

"We know for a fact that over-abundant numbers of eastern grey kangaroos can have a devastating impact on the local environment," said Director Daniel Iglesias. "We know that it can lead to de-vegetation and the complete degradation of certain areas if we let it go too long. This is not about eradication; this is about sustainable numbers of eastern grey kangaroos".

Currently, a trial program is being experimented to examine the usefulness of using fertility drugs as an alternative method to keep the kangaroo population in control. Over the past two years, nearly 4000 kangaroos have been culled as part of ACT's annual measure. However, the culling acts have faced fierce criticisms from animal rights activists.

According to the report in the Canberra Times, activists are determined to stop the "inhumane and cruel" slaughter of the beautiful animals. Many protesters are also viewing the killing act as a land management strategy. On his part, Iglesias has warned anyone from entering the close reserves during the process; also fines will be levied on trespassers. The ACT government will use some of the kangaroo as baits for its wild fox and dog control programs.

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