The Rio 2016 Olympics Games Could Trigger 'Global Zika Catastrophe'

First Posted: May 14, 2016 07:18 AM EDT

The health public experts are calling for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil to be postponed due of the Zika risk. The 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro on August 5 to August 21, 2016. It is expected that there will be 500,000 visitors from all around the world. The warning foresees a global catastrophe because of the Zika outbreak in Brazil.

Amir Attaran, the professor of the University of Ottawa said that Zika virus has been underestimated by Brazilian health officials. If the games will be pushed through, the Zika virus might spread around the world and infect other countries. He further said that all it takes is one infected traveler. He added that a few viral introduction of that kind, in a few countries, or may be continents, would make a full-blown global disaster.

Nature World News reports that Zika virus has spread across the Latin America after it had been discovered in Brazil in May 2015. Rio de Janeiro has the highest number of Zika cases among other states of the country.

The International Olympic Committee stated that there are no plans to alter the location of the 2016 Olympic Games. They are working with the officials of the World Health Organization and the Brazilian government to manage the condition.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention cites that Zika virus causes birth defects in babies born to pregnant women. They warn pregnant women to travel in countries where the disease has been spreading. The virus is proliferated by mosquitoes and in some cases through sexual transmission.

Meanwhile, Tony Avezedo, a USA water polo captain said that his pregnant wife, Sara, would likely not travel with him to the Olympics in Brazil.

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