Brain 'Localization': Real Cause Of Language Impairment, Autism-Like Diseases, Says Study

First Posted: May 13, 2016 04:48 AM EDT

San Francisco research shows that the communication between the left and right sides of the brain is an essential connection in learning and developing language. Language compression is usually processed in the left side of the brain. However, a miscommunication or defect between the two sides may cause autism-like problems as the person uses the right than the left hemisphere.  

The research has shown that the patterns released by the brain shows how fast a person learns a language. Related to the idea of the study was from the Brain and Language journal, the first study that proposed the idea of using the brain's rhythm patters in the determination of the rate of learning a new language.

Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences' lead author and faculty researcher together with UW associate professor of psychology Chantel Prat said through  Science Daily, "We've found that a characteristic of a person's brain at rest predicted 60 percent of the variability in their ability to learn a second language in adulthood,"

Journal of Neuroscience article also expands the study by showing how missing links between the two hemispheres may affect a person's language processing capabilities and efficiency.   UCSF lead researchers and neurologist Elliott Sherr, MD, PhD, and Srikantan Nagarajan, PhD, focused their study on how much the corpus callosum transmit information by measuring the magnetic field when a person undergoes linguistic tests and experiments.

The brain study showed how the corpus callosum functioned within the two sides of the brain which was essential when learning a language. With both halves working together, information was easily distributed and organized.

According to Dr. Sherr through the MedicalXpress "Our study also showed that having speech localization on the right side of the brain was associated with lower performance on verbal tasks, as measured by the verbal IQ."

The brain study also showed that localizations result to an autism-like problem called agenesis. However, it is possible to fix the problem by clinically manipulate brain signals of both sides of the brain.

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