Google Introduces 13 New Emojis Empowering Professional Women Everywhere

First Posted: May 12, 2016 06:52 AM EDT

Google engineers have proposed the new set of emojis depicting the women in work all around the globe. The proposed emojis highlight the professional women that include the software engineers, scientists, nurse, doctor, office workers, farmers, businesswomen, and rock stars, among others.

There are 13 new professional emojis in all.

The developers said that no matter where you look, women are gaining visibility and recognition as never before. "Isn't it time that emoji also reflects the reality that women play a key role in every walk of life and in every profession?"

CBS News reports that the developers include Agustin Fonts, Rachel Been, Nicole Bleuel and Mark Davis. They announced their proposals at the Unicode Consortium. This is a non-profit organization that sets the international standards for characters and text to make them appear consistently in devices and computers.

The developers also stated that they recognize the importance of having an inclusive representation of all people in emoji, whether they identify with a specific gender or not. They further said that they believe an egalitarian, sensitive and compelling representative of gender in emoji is extremely important.

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