Quantum Computing Technology Reaches New Milestone; Quantum Data Bus Finally Attainable?

First Posted: Apr 23, 2016 07:12 AM EDT

Quantum computing reached a new milestone after researchers from RMIT University were able to test a quantum processor that can route quantum information from various locations. This breakthrough may lead to a quantum data bus, an important piece in future quantum technology.

The quantum computing study was conducted by the research team from Italy's Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies of the CNR, China's South University of Science and Technology and Australia's Quantum Photonics Laboratory at RMIT. Together, the team showed for the first time the perfect state transfer of the entangled qubit or quantum bit on an integrated photonic device.  

The RMIT results of this quantum computing study, according to Quantum Photonics Laboratory Director Dr Alberto Peruzzo, were highly awaited, after over a decade of international research in the particular field. Dr. Peruzzo also said that the perfect state transfer has become a promising process for data routing in the large-scale quantum computers, as reported by the Lifeboat.

The director further explained that the past years have witnessed a number of theoretical proposals, yet up to this day, nothing has ever been experimentally understood. He also added that the device they used are highly optimized quantum tunnelling that can relocate the qubits between distant locations, and that the breakthrough is most likely to bring quantum computing in the near future.

Quantum computers are likely to solve important tasks that are not manageable based on the current standard computers, as mentioned by Dr. Peruzzo, and that the need to go deeper into this area has pushed for a global engineering and scientific effort develop quantum technology. Hence, making a critical difference in the discovery of new medicines or creating a perfectly protected quantum Internet, even enhancing facial recognition.

Dr. Peruzzo also added that the chief requirement for information technology with memories and processors is to be able to relocate data between areas.

The quantum computing research named Experimental Perfect State Transfer of an Entangled Photonic Qubit, is reported to be published in  Nature Communications on April 18, reported.

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