Spider Kills Brown Snake In Outback Duel

First Posted: Feb 12, 2016 02:38 PM EST

A puny spider and a brown snake have proven that size doesn't matter. A large venomous brown snake was the victim of a Daddy Long Leg spider, which took out the much bigger snake in New South Wales, Australia. The Aussies now apparently have their own version of David and Goliath.

The long-legged spider appeared to have ambushed the snake, where they had a head-on battle. Australian farmer Patrick Lees noticed the dead reptile hanging from a web at his outback home in Weethalle, which is about 400 kilometres (250 miles) west of Sydney, according to a news release. Less claimed that he first checked to see if the snake was dead, since it is known for its quick bite and deadly venom. It turns out the snake was already dead, so Lees decided to snap a picture and allowed the skinny spider to enjoy its snack.

"I can't deny the spider its victory," Lees said. "I'm not sure if it killed it but it definitely won in the long run."

It is possible that the snake became tangled in the web, which enabled the spider to devour the snake. Brown snakes are quite popular in eastern Australia. Their bites release a deadly mixture of neurotoxins and coagulants, which are fatal to humans and other creatures.

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