Seed Germination May Reduce Peanut Allergen

First Posted: Feb 02, 2016 08:15 PM EST

Researchers have discovered a way to potentially decrease peanut allergen, according to recent findings published in the Journal of Food Science.

As peanuts are widely used in food processing due to both their fats and proteins, they unfortunately still remain one of the eight major food allergens, researchers say. However, researchers from Ningbo Institute of Agriculture Sciences in China found that seed germination could reduce the allergen level in peanuts.

By altering the natural process through the controlling of certain environmental factors, peanut allergenicity was reduced, researcher say. They specifically examined both temperature and light effects on Ara h1, otherwise known as a previously identified peanut allergen.

The study concluded that "short-term germination could work as an easy way to improve food safety of peanuts and produce hypoallergenic peanut food," according to a news release

Now, future studies will be needed in order to assess the effects of germination on other major peanut allergens.

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