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Comet Catalina: Two Tails, Bigger And Brighter Than Thought

First Posted: Nov 23, 2015 03:41 PM EST

Researchers have finally spotted Comet Catalina (Comet C/2013 US10) through a telescopic view, revealing both of its tails, according to a news release.

Researchers are expecting a vast number of images over the next several days, as Comet Catalina moves across the sky, where it is will become brighter and even easier to see. Comet Catalina currently has a magnitude between 7.6 to 6, thus it is unlikely to see it through a bare pair of eyes. However, the best part is that Comet Catalina is becoming even brighter.

On Nov. 15, Comet Catalina was spotted quite close to the sun, however, it was difficult to observe since it was close to the horizon, coming close to the sunrise. Researchers are expecting Comet Catalina to become brighter, possibly bright enough to see with your eyes in the dark during late November.

Comet Catalina is expected to move higher into the eastern predawn sky and a higher position would provide a more distinct view. The observations that were made will enable researchers to determine its' brightness. By the end of November, Comet Catalina could be bright enough for the visible eye and it will be present in the predawn sky close to planets and the moon during early parts of December.

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