Projection Mapping On 3-D Objects: Researchers Print Onto Moving Objects

First Posted: Nov 18, 2015 03:50 PM EST

Researchers have created a new technology that allows projected images to be perfectly mapped onto moving and rotating objects. The team of researchers from Osaka University in Japan created a new technique that works so well, you would think that an image was precisely fixed onto a moving object.

The study was led by Daisuke Iwai, who is an associate professor at Osaka University. The new technology enables an object for projection mapping to be printed out from a full color 3-D printer, where special visual markers are also printed.

The markers are measured with a camera and the projected images are registered onto the moving object. These projected images are then aligned to the object's movements, as though it is stuck to the object.

The researchers are hoping that their new technology could be used in the designing industry, where projection mapping can be placed onto moving three-dimensional objects. Also, the new technology can be used for virtual dressing, where users can virtually try on clothes.

The researchers' technology was among 20 excellent digital content technologies in Japan heralded as "Innovative Technologies 2015." Also, the results of their technology were presented at the 8th ACM SIGGRPHA Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia at the Kobe Convention Center.

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