New Cooling Device Runs On Sunlight And Water

First Posted: Oct 26, 2015 01:44 PM EDT

An energy firm has developed a new evaporative cooler that functions on just sunlight and water, with the new cooling device covering approximately 200 square meters, according to a news release.

"It's an industrial grade evaporative cooler that is powered only by solar cells, without connecting to the electrical network. It can be described as an air cannon with a fan that comes with photovoltaic cells and can be mounted on a building," said Victor Sotelo Armengol, commercial director of GeckoLogic, located in Baja California, on the Mexican west coast.

The new cooling technology uses a photovoltaic system. Sunlight and water make it self-sustaining, therefore there is no need for a power source. The device is more like an air conditioner that works with sunlight and water as an energy source. This device eliminates environmental hazards, like the emission of greenhouse gases that traditional systems cause. This new device will aid in eliminating about 40 percent of the total consumption of electric energy used by air conditioning companies.

The cooling system is based on clean energy and its photovoltaic modules can function for 12 continuous hours. The evaporative cooler can be used by industrial and commercial companies with large areas. The new device is relatively economical and it's setup and design allows it be to be used in homes.  

In order for the device to cool the air, it must pass through a tank of water, which evaporates and decreases the air temperature by 15 degrees, according to Sotelo Armengol. The cooler uses three liters of water for every two thousand square feet that it covers. While it is possible that that the device could run on sea water, evaluations are still being done.

The cooling device has the potentials to be a new technology that can be exported, the technology is about to commercialize in Mexico under the brand "Suncool."

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