Scientists Develop Virtual K-POP Dance Teacher With 3D Tracking Of Body Joints

First Posted: Oct 22, 2015 02:17 PM EDT

A team of scientists have created a virtual dance teacher that can make learning famous K-POP dances easier at home by precisely tracking 3D body joints, according to a news release.

Daijin Kim and his team of researchers at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in South Korea decided to take K-POP dance moves to an easier level - and best part is you don't need an actual dance teacher.

Kim and his team developed the precise 3D tracking of 15 human body joints, using data acquiring about the human body and human body joints. For Kim and his team to create the virtual K-POP dance teacher, they selected a hundred K-POP dance routines that were performed by a professional dance teacher, and they collected the moves of 15 body joints of each dancing movement.

They examined the moves of 15 body joints from a dance learner by using developed precise 3D tracking of body joints. Then, they evaluated the similarity between body joint movements of the dance learner and the professional dancer.

Kim and his team also created a score monitoring technique, based on the similarity. They showed how much each body part of a dance learner deviated from the corresponding body part of a professional dancer. The brightness of each body part depicts the similarity of dance movements of each body part, according to the news release.

Kim presented the developed technology at the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2015. Kim's paper was one among the top 10 papers, out of the 1,098 accepted papers that were presented. The developed technology of precisely tracking 3D body joints was considered "outstanding."

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