EU Energy Sustainability: Depends on Consumer Choices And Renewables in Food Sector

First Posted: Oct 08, 2015 04:41 PM EDT

A recent study revealed that the energy consumption in the European Union food industry remains relatively high while renewable energy still remains low.

While the European Union's leading power companies are determined to make their electricity carbon free by 2050, the food industry is still struggling to keep its energy consumption low, according to the study. Consumers are encouraged to play their part by reducing meat consumption, buying locally and seasonally, along with reducing food waste, according to a news release.

The study highlighted that a significant amount of energy was required to cultivate, process, pack and bring food to European citizens' tables.  In the study, they found that the food industry accounted for 26 percent of the EU's final energy consumption in 2013. They are encouraging their citizens to use more renewable energy sources. Farmers and the food industry are playing their parts in reducing energy consumption, consumers are encouraged to do their part.

European farmers have already started to improve the energy profile in agricultural productions and the food industry has also shown improvements in effective energy saving and renewable energy implementation.

When choosing their food, consumers are encouraged to choose organic foods, since many refined food and products of animal origin require need more energy than vegetables, fruit and cereal products.

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