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MS Patients May Find Help Through Video Games

First Posted: Dec 18, 2014 08:18 PM EST

Could multiple sclerosis (MS) be treated with video games? Researchers at Ohio State University received a $44,000 grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to fund the development and testing of an interactive video game as a physical therapy supplement for patients dealing with the health issue.

An interdisciplinary team of scientists, including Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Associate Professor Roger Crawfis, together with Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Lynne Gauthier, and CSE grad student David Maung, led the clinical trial to better assess the success of the product.

This new game, known as "Recovery Rapids," was originally programmed for stroke patients in need of rehabilitaotin for upper extremity motor impairment-a problem that oftentimes affects MS patients, as well.

To play the game, all users need is a Microsoft Xbox Kinect body action sensor that help them engage in constraint-induced (CI) movement therapy.

Previous studies have shown that video games can help provide tools for certain physical ailments, making MS patients' lives easier when transportation for physical therapy to a clinic can be difficult.

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