Could Coffee Lower The Risk Of Dementia?

First Posted: Dec 01, 2014 12:56 AM EST

Recent findings presented at a satellite symposium at the 2014 Alzheimer Europe Annual Congress show that coffee could reduce the risk of dementia, along with its other health benefits.

Researchers at the Scientific Information of Coffee discovered that drinking between three and five cups of coffee a day could actually slash the risk of Alzheimer's disease by around 20 percent, reducing inflammation that causes damage of brain cells the increase the onset of such health issues.

"The majority of human epidemiological studies suggest that regular coffee consumption over a lifetime is associated with a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease with an optimum protective effect occurring with three to five cups of coffee per day," said Dr Arfram Ikram, an assistant professor in neuro-epidemiology at Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam, in a news release.

The report explained that consuming a Mediterranean diet comprising fish, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetable and red wine reduces risk of Alzheimer's as the diet is rich in polyphenols. As coffee contains these compounds, it too can prevent onset of the condition.

"The findings presented in this report are very encouraging and help to develop our understanding of the role nutrition can play in protecting against Alzheimer's disease. Coffee is a very popular beverage enjoyed by millions of people around the world and I'm pleased to know that moderate, lifelong consumption can have a beneficial effect on the development of Alzheimer's disease," added Dr Iva Holmerova, vice chairperson of Alzheimer Europe, in a news release

However the observational study has not convinced all and raised calls for clinical trials before it can be proven.

In corroboration with the findings, researchers also including a four-year follow up study that looked at moderate caffeine consumption and how it lowered the risk of developing dementia.

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