Resveratrol May Disrupt Full Exercise Potential

First Posted: Nov 04, 2014 12:22 PM EST

Red wine has been held by many health officials as an excellent ingredient for an active lifestyle. Yet now, recent findings published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism reveal that the compound Resveratrol (RSV) may actually hinder some of the beneficial effects of exercise.

"The easiest way to experience the benefits of physical activity is to be physically active," said lead study author Brendon Gurd from Queen's University in Canada, in a news release. The efficacy of RSV at improving metabolic and cardiovascular functions is not as profound as once thought."

Grape skins that are naturally produced by RSV are considered an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, which studies have shown could potentially lead to a longer life. The natural phenol is produced in plants, including peanuts and blueberries, particularly when under attack from animals, bacteria or fungi.

Though previous studies have shown that drinking red wine can help improve skeletal muscle strength and even heart function along with regular workouts, this research suggests that taking resveratrol will not improve health associated with physical activity.

For the study, researchers recruited 16 participants, asking them to perform high-intensity interval training three times per week for four weeks. The training periods did not surpass three hours. Half of them supplemented the training with RSV supplements while the other half took a placebo, once per day.

Those who took the placebo experienced the same improvements in physical fitness as those who took RSV.

However, as the study sample was extremely small, more research will be needed to determine the results and the beneficial effects of resveratrol supplements.

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