Could Reading The Dictionary Help Ward Off Early Signs Of Dementia?

First Posted: Oct 23, 2014 10:05 PM EDT

Could reading the dictionary help combat the risk of dementia?

Recent findings published in the journal Anales de Psicologia reveal that this could help to strengthen cognitive performance during the initial stages of the health issue. For older individuals in general, it can also help to strengthen, improve and solidify vocabulary.

For the study, researchers examined 326 participants who were older than 50. They noted that 222 of them were healthy, while 104 of them also suffered mild cognitive damages.

"We focused on level of vocabulary as it is considered an indicator of crystallized intelligence (the use of previously acquired intellectual skills). We aimed to deepen our understanding of its relation to cognitive reserve," said co-researcher Cristina Lojo Seoane, from the USC, in a news release.

Researchers also went on to measure participants' levels of vocabulary, years of education, complexity of job skills and reading habits, in general.

Findings revealed that people who scored lower on vocabulary tests were more likely to suffer from mild cognitive impairment, as well.

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