Newly-Born Cheetah Cubs Being Hand Raised at San Diego Zoo

First Posted: Sep 22, 2014 03:39 AM EDT

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is now home to a pair of newly-born cheetah cubs that are being hand raised by the animal care staff there.

In a recent announcement, the zoo staff revealed that two cheetah cubs had been born Sept. 1 to mother Allie at the Park's Animal Care Center. It was observed that Allie has been unsuccessful in raising her previous litters and hence, the animal care staff decided to take care of the litter. The three-week old female cheetah cubs are receiving around-the-clock care and are being bottle-fed.

Cuddling close to each other, the unnamed cheetah cubs are showing rapid growth and currently weigh 3 pounds each. Now that they are able to open their eyes and have a clear vision, they are becoming increasingly active. According to the animal care staff, the littermates are full of personality though they are just a few days old. The cubs are seen swatting and interacting with each other.

"Every baby's different, but these cheetahs really seem to be developing quickly in our eyes," said Eileen Neff, lead keeper, San Diego Zoo Safari Park. "They are great eaters, they started playing when they were just three or four days old. They could barely walk at that time, so it was pretty interesting seeing them tumbling around with each other."

It has been reported that the pair of cubs will be clubbed with a domestic dog for companionship. It is through body language, the dog will indicate to the cheetah cubs not to fear in new or public surroundings. This message calms the cheetah cubs.

The zoo goers can have a glimpse of the cubs at the Animal Care Center for just a few hours daily starting from 9 a.m.

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