Male Dama Gazelle Born at The Columbus Zoo and Aquraium

First Posted: Sep 20, 2014 08:03 AM EDT

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is thrilled with the arrival of the newly-born dama gazelle calf, born Saturday.

The unnamed and unsexed calf is the first dama gazelle born at the zoo and the third calf born to mother Layla. The authorities state that the calf appears to be a male and is seen bonding well with the mother at the off-exhibit within the region. The calf will not make his debut before the Heart of Africa closing for the season on Nov. 2.

Dama gazelles, the largest species in the family of gazelles, are listed as critically endangered and are the rarest of all gazelles. Native to one of the poorest regions of Africa, it is estimated that currently there are some 130 dama gazelles in North American institutions accredited by Association of Zoos and Aquariums. There are less than 300 gazelles in the wild. Their population faces a great threat from habitat loss, over hunting and land development.

An adult gazelle weighs up to 165 pounds. They are characterized by white body and reddish born features, which again varies by region, age and season. Both the female and male dama have an s-shaped horns and live in mixed herds of 10-20 animals or lead solitary lives.

The gazelle communicate by jumping with all four limbs leaving the grounds and this called pronking. The gazelles give birth to just one calf at a time after a gestation period of 5 ½ - 6 months.

A lot has been at the Columbus Zoo off lately. The birth of the dama gazelle was followed by the arrival of a baby bonobo, that is the 14th bonobo to be born at Zoo ever since it received it's first bonobo in 1990.

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