Artificial Carmat Heart Successfully Implanted via the Second Patient

First Posted: Sep 08, 2014 03:02 PM EDT

The French medical technology company, Carmat, implanted an artificial heart into Georges Pompidou--a 76-year-old patient who was suffering from heart failure. Unfortunately, 75 days after wearing the device, he passed away.

Now, the company has announced a second patient suffering from chronic heart failure who was successfully fitted for the device while two more patients are currently undergoing clinical trials.

The French Health Ministry notes that the surgical procedure for this advanced technological device took place on Aug. 5 at an anonymous hospital that's located in the western French city of Nantes. So far, there is no information on the patient's identity for health.

The artificial heart was created so that patients who need a transplant but who could not wait much time on a donor list could receive prompt care. The "heart" is made from biological material and sensors that help imitate the real functions of the actual organ itself. However, the device is roughly three times heavier than that of a regular heart and is helped by lithium-ion batteries.

Carmat selects patients who are dealing with terminal heart failure--devastating occurrence in which the heart stops pumping enough blood to keep the body moving. When this happens, patients may only have a few days to weeks at best to life without a organ transplant.

Only time will determine the success of the surgical procedure. The artificial hearts are expected to cost anywyere from $181,000 to $233,000.

If these results prove promising, researchers hope to recruit around 20 more patients with less severe heart issues in the near future.

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